Nissan Murano

The Nissan Murano is a new generation of SUV with a sporty appearance defying the usual 4x4 shape.
It's 3.5 V6 Petrol engine kicks out a mighty 234HP and delivers a max torque of 318Nm.

With all that power the Murano still keeps you in control with its Xtronic CVT and its ALL MODE 4x4 with ESP + giving optimised traction control.

Nissan only give you one engine option with the Murano and that is Petrol so you're only going to get 23 miles to the gallon. With rapidly rising fuel prices its gonna get expensive!
Nissan Murano Key Specifications:
Prices Range:
30,190 - 30,190
Fuel Consumption (mpg):
* 23.0
Emissions CO2 (g/km):
* 295
NCAP Safety Rating:
n/a out of 5
* May vary with model/engine type.
Nissan Murano
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Posted by:


Burning a hole in my pocket!
I really do love my Murano, it is the perfect car for taking the family out and pulling the horse trailer. It has bags of space although it only seats five, the boat space is great.

The problem comes with the soaring price of fuel since it's 3.5 litre petrol engine drinks like a horse, I can no longer afford to run it. "Why don't you sell it" I hear you say, but with the car market being slow because the of potential recession no-one is interested at all. My Murano has be come a statue on my drive way!
Posted by:


Happy as Larry
I Have had the lot Audi Avants, BMW 3 series 5 series, Saab, Merc E320 and i can honestly say, this thing is head and shoulders above the lot. Yes i only get 22 mpg but with a 3 and 5 only returning 25-29 at best, not that much difference. The engine is rediculously quiet and the auto box is the best i have come across. This is not a review based on only having had the Murano for a fortnight so am all excited, i have now had it for a year. DIFFERENT CLASS !!!