Nissan Micra C+C

A sweet little convertible from Nissan with bags of style and decent road handling. The Micra C+C goes into competition with the 206CC, StreetKa and Tigra.

Nissan seemed to really drag their feet bringing the Micra C+C to the market, it took almost 3 years to hit the UK streets after they revealed it. But personal I think it was worth the wait. It's a good looking convertible with some cool gadgets like a MP3 jack for your iPod.
Nissan Micra C+C Key Specifications:
Prices Range:
13,550 - 15,045
Fuel Consumption (mpg):
* 42.8
Emissions CO2 (g/km):
* 158
NCAP Safety Rating:
tbc out of 5
* May vary with model/engine type.
Nissan Micra C+C
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Nissan Micra C+C
I have owned my Nissan for nearly 2 years now and would not buy another one - as the car is so low the front tyres wear out very quickly this was not stated in the reads up when I purchased the car. Also I have had a few problems with the drivers door. Does not shut properly and makes a very dense squeeky noise, bolt keeps coming loose. Very dangerous. Just be aware any potential buyer
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nissan micra c c
i have had my micra 2 years now. Its great fun and a good price for a convertible. Lots of little extras and the folding roof is fantastic. Its reliable and just a pleasure to drive. A great first convertible.